5: Design Arts and Architecture S 1998


At the beginning of the academic year 1997–98, the Department of Architecture, under the auspices of the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, launched the Design Arts Initiative, intending to broaden our academic involvement with the allied arts—such as industrial and product design, interior design, graphic design, and the decorative arts—that are not part of the School’s curriculum and programs that, since its foundation more than half a century ago, have canonized the alliances between architecture, physical planning, urbanism, and landscape architecture. We aim to respond, on the one hand, to our obligation to comply with the ample intellectual mission of the School and its traditions, and on the other, to the new territory that professional practice, the market, industry, art and popular culture have been remapping in the last decades and that inevitably has challenged from the outside some of the ideological, methodological, and theoretical boundaries that defined the field of action of architectural education. We celebrate the closing of this year of the Design Arts at Harvard with this special issue of the Harvard Design Magazine.

— Jorge S. Silvetti, guest editor (excerpted from the introduction)

Table of Contents


“Thinking by Drawing”

Brooke Hodge

And What About Industrial Design?

Steve Diskin

Design and Fabrication

Toshiko Mori

Design as Export

Stephen Leet

Loose Upper Lip

Deyan Sudjic

Mutant Materials

Paola Antonelli


K. Michael Hays

Recent Architectural Paradigms and a Personal Alternative

Rafael Moneo

Rockbottom: Villa by OMA

Wouter Vanstiphout

Spirit of the Nineties

Renny Ramakers

Starck Speaks

Philippe Starck

Villa Planchart

Monica Ponce de Leon

Who Will Sing the Marble Meadows?

Christine Smith, Joseph O'Connor


Architecture of Fear edited by Nan Ellin

Edward Robbins

City Life by Witold Rybczynski

Edward Robbins

The New Urban Frontier by Neil Smith

Edward Robbins

Translations from Drawing to Building by Robin Evans

Joseph Rykwert