32: Design Practices Now, Vol. I S/S 2010


What are the pressing issues and problems in the work lives of contemporary landscape architects, urban designers, and architects? What supports and what obstructs their efforts to help create outstanding buildings and places? What current conditions for practice are novel, and how should they be understood and managed? What are ideal structures for the collaborations of designers with owners and builders, and with other professionals, such as engineers, fabricators, and ecological scientists? What can be learned from the variations in design practices across regions, nations, and continents? How are new digital technologies affecting design practice?

In this and the next issue of Harvard Design Magazine, designers from around the world address these questions and offer images of design details of their work. In addition, scholar/critics focus on particular issues in analytic detail.

Table of Contents


A London Particular: Fog Envelopes Practice

Simon Allford

A Way Forward? Integrated Project Delivery

Phillip G. Bernstein

Ai Weiwei: FAKE Design, China

Ai Weiwei, FAKE Design

Architectural Practice Now

Mack Scogin, Preston Scott Cohen, Toshiko Mori, William S. Saunders

Big Forking Dilemma: Contemporary Architecture’s Autonomic Turn

Wes Jones

Idea-Driven Practices: What Eight Young GSD Designers Do

Pierre Bélanger

Introduction to the GSD’s “The Return of Nature” Symposia

Preston Scott Cohen

Issa Diabaté: Koffi & Diabaté Architects, Côte d’Ivoire, Africa

Issa Diabaté, Koffi & Diabaté Architects

Learning from Burnham: The Origins of American Architectural Practice

Jay Wickersham

Nelson Chen: Nelson Chen Architects, Hong Kong and China

Nelson Chen, Nelson Chen Architects

On Credit: Many Collaborators, One Name in Lights

Christopher Hawthorne

Rahul Mehrotra: RMA Architects, India

Rahul Mehrotra, RMA Architects

Rodrigo Pérez de Arce: Catholic University Santiago, Chile and South America

Catholic University Santiago, Rodrigo Pérez de Arce Antoncic

Špela Videčnik: Ofis Arhitekti, Slovenia

Ofis Arhitekti, Špela Videčnik

The “Livable” Suburbanized City: Post-Politics and a Vancouver near You

Matthew Soules

The New Small Architectural Practices: Creativity Incubators or Co-opted Branders?

Sebastian Schmaling

Toyo Ito: Toyo Ito & Associates Architects, Japan

Toyo Ito, Toyo Ito & Associates Architects

Utopia Across Scales: Thoughts on Kenzo Tange

Mark Mulligan

What I Believe

Sylvia Lavin

Why Ecological Urbanism? Why Now?

Mohsen Mostafavi