8: Housing and Community S 1999


Decent housing for every citizen: this seemingly modest goal has bedeviled planners, architects, policy makers, and political leaders for much of this century, not only in the poor countries of the developing world but also in the prosperous nations of the first world. The following essays explore various efforts on four continents—official and unofficial, high design and vernacular—to come to grips with this most elemental question of shelter.

Table of Contents


Architecture for a Developing India

Vikram Bhatt

Beyond the Bully Pulpit

Nicolas P. Retsinas

Can We Overcome Me?

Sam Davis

Chicago and Beyond

Leland D. Cott

Choice in Housing

Sherry B. Ahrentzen

Deadlock Plus 50

Michael Sheridan, Richard Plunz

Diversity by Law

Jerold S. Kayden

From the Puritans to the Projects

Lawrence Vale

Houses of Hope

Diane Ghirardo

Housing Density, Type, and Urban Life in Contemporary China

Peter G. Rowe

Rome Cannot Bear the Present

Maristella Casciato

Scatology, Eschatology, and the Modern Movement

Tim Benton

The Casa Chorizo

Jorge Francisco Liernur

The Spaces of Democracy

Richard Sennett

To Ignore or Integrate?

David Gouverneur, Oscar Grauer

Why Should the Government Play a Role in Housing?

John M. Quigley

With the Whole in Mind

Wilfried Wang


Ecology of Fear by Mike Davis

David Harvey

Red Vienna by Eve Blau

Kurt W. Forster

Unnatural Horizons by Allen S. Weiss

Gary R. Hilderbrand

Women and the Making of the Modern House by Alice T. Friedman

Abigail A. Van Slyck