34: Architectures of Latin America F/W 2011

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This issue is dedicated to presenting and analyzing the work and surrounding cultural/political issues of the architectures of Latin America judged to be of most merit and interest by a faculty committee at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Their sense was that much of this work had not yet received sufficient attention and acclaim. They were adamant that the issue in no way imply that Latin American architecture and culture were one kind of thing: in fact, a goal of the magazine is to dispel stereotypes and conventional opinion, to seek for diversity. This is the first time that Harvard Design Magazine has published projects for their own sake, outside the context of a writer’s broad argument. We hope you enjoy this more visual material taking its place among our more familiar critical essays.

Table of Contents


Down Detour Road: An Architect in Search of Practice by Eric J. Cesal

Danielle Etzler

Mechanization Takes Command: A Contribution to Anonymous History (1948) by Sigfried Giedion

Witold Rybczynski

Modernism after Wagner by Juliet Koss

Christopher Long

Perverse Cities: Hidden Subsidies, Wonky Policy, and Urban Sprawl by Pamela Blais

Matthew J. Kiefer

(In)visibility, Poverty, and Cultural Change in South American Cities

Felipe Hernández

14 Billions

Tomás Saraceno

A Projective Space for the South American Hinterland: Resource-Extraction Urbanism

Felipe Correa

Aquatic Complex for the IX South American Games, Colombia

Paisajes Emergentes

Casa Ajijic, Mexico

Tatiana Bilbao

Casa Cururo and its Landscape, Chile

Teresa Moller & Asociados

Casa de los Tamices, Argentina

Francisco Cadau

Casa Pentimento, Ecuador

José María Saez Vaquero

Chile, Matter, and Landscape

Fernando Pérez Oyarzún

Cien House, Chile

Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects

Colombia 325, Brazil


Copper House 2, Chile

Smiljan Radic

Cummulus_1664, Colorado

Ciro Najle

Enclaves and Counter-Enclaves (in Brazilian Housing, Film, and Art)

Carlos M. Teixeira

For a Latin American Architectural Criticism

Jorge Francisco Liernur

From Paradigm to Paradox: On the Architecture Collectives of Latin America

Ana María Durán Calisto

House in Santa Teresa, Brazil

SPBR arquitectos

Interfacephyta Multicapacitaceae, Colombia

Camilo Restrepo Arquitectos

Landscape in Everything: Lessons from the Valparaíso School

Rodrigo Pérez de Arce Antoncic

Latin American Geographies: A Glance over an Immense Landscape

Anita Berrizbeitia, Romy Hecht Marchant

Mexican Architecture Must Redeem Poor Construction

Alejandro Hernández Gálvez

Monte Sinai Synagogue, Mexico

Taller de Arquitectura X (TAX)

O Avesso Do Avesso: Recent Brazilian Architecture

Ruth Verde Zein

Post-Disaster Regeneration in Chile: Urgent Responses and Gradual Developments in a Seismic Country

Jorge Heitmann

Problems with Urban Design Competitions

Jonathan Barnett

Sports Coliseums for the IX South American Games, Colombia

Mazzanti Arquitectos

Studio, Paraguay

gabinete de arquitectura (Solano Benítez)

Teatina-Quincha Shelter, Peru

Alexia León

The Inner Outside

Ciro Najle

Three to Now

Iwan Baan

Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez Graduate Center, Chile

José Cruz Ovalle and Partners

Urban Transformation (in Latin America) through Mass Transit

Maria Rubert de Ventós

What or Who Drives Architectural Design Now?

Antón García-Abril, Bjarke Ingels, Eelco Hooftman, George L. Legendre, K. Michael Hays, Mohsen Mostafavi, Preston Scott Cohen, Rahul Mehrotra, Sanford Kwinter, Toshiko Mori, William S. Saunders

WPA 2.0: Working Public Architecture

Dana Cuff