21: Rising Ambitions, Expanding Terrain: Realism and Utopianism F/W 2004


Harvard Design Magazine is committed to fostering critical understanding of the designing and making of the built environment through the examination of its underlying values and its place within larger social and cultural forces. In this issue eleven leading designers and critics step back from contemporary practices to evaluatively characterize their major attributes. Each answers questions on: most important current issues, best recent projects, overrated projects, designers’ power and influence, the impact of design on daily life, designers as environmentalists, designers’ new roles, design education, and design’s place in our market economy. In addition, essays appear on Alvaro Siza, Charlotte Perriand, fear in American land use, recent attempts to rekindle modernism, and several other topics. Harvard Design Magazine 21 is offered for your intellectual stimulation and engagement.

Table of Contents


“Criticality” and Its Discontents

George Baird

“Nothing to Envy in the World”?

Bruce Cumings

A Call for the Radical Revitalization of American Planning

Emily Talen

A Scientific Autobiography 1982–2004: Madrid, Harvard, OMA, the AA, Yokohama, the globe

Alejandro Zaera-Polo

Double-Loaded: Everyday Architecture and Windows for Improvement

Timothy Love

ELEMENTAL: Building Innovative Social Housing in Chile

Alejandro Aravena

Iconic Public Buildings as Sites of Technological Innovation

Paolo Tombesi

Incremental Urbanism: New Models for the Redesign of America’s Commercial Strips

Jude LeBlanc, Matthew Gamble


Jorge Silvetti

Morning Shower Thoughts on Remaking Cities

Adriaan Geuze, Chidi Onwuka

No More Dreams? The Passion for Reality in Recent Dutch Architecture…and Its Limitations

Roemer van Toorn

No More Tabula Rasa: Progressive Architectural Practices in England

Lucy Bullivant

Not Unlike Life Itself: Landscape Strategy Now

James Corner

Quiet Havana, Potential Global City

John A. Loomis

Sert, CIAM, and the GSD: A Memoir

Eduard F. Sekler

Utopia and the Hazards of Perfection: Now and in the Renaissance

Nicolas Adams


Cedric Price: The Square Book; Re:CP; Opera by Cedric Price

Robert Harbison

City: Urbanism and Its End by Douglas W. Rae

Thomas Bender

Eichler/Modernism Rebuilds the American Dream by Paul Andamson and Marty Arbunich

Sebastian Schmaling

Pevsner on Art and Architecture: The Radio Talks by Nikolaus Pevsner edited by Stephen Games

Christopher Long

Suburban Alchemy: 1960s New Towns and the Transformation of the American Dream by Nicholas Dagen Bloom

Sebastian Schmaling

Territories: Islands, Camps and Other States of Utopia edited by Anselm Franke, Rafi Segal, and Eyal Weizman

Keller Easterling

The Art of Structural Design: A Swiss Legacy by David P. Billington

Martin Bechthold