10: What is Nature Now? S/S 2000


How is nature treated in contemporary culture—in landscape architecture, science, politics, planning, advertising, commerce, philosophy, and tourism? How have our attitudes toward and understandings of nature changed in recent years, due to the unprecedented ability of humans to manipulate and control nature? Is the idea of wilderness still valid? In what ways can landscape architects and other artists influence the state of nature? These are some of the issues considered in the essays that follow.

Table of Contents


After the War

Andreas Huyssen

Describing the World at the End of the Millenium

Thomas Bender

Designs Necessary and Sublime

Jack Temple Kirby

Kiss Nature Goodbye

John Beardsley

Learning from Lutyens

Hélène Lipstadt

Legacy at Risk

Rachel Carley


Ivan Žaknić

Nature Used and Abused

Rossana Vaccarino

Smoky Mirrors and Unreflected Vampires

Robert France

The Destitution of Space

Albert Borgmann

The Persistence of the Picturesque

Kate Soper, Martin Ryle

The Struggle of Dawning Intelligence

Rebecca Solnit

Three Trees

Charles C. Mann

Time Incorporated

Richard M. Sommer

What Do We Make of Nature Now?

Catherine Howett


Fundamentals of Building Construction by Edward Allen

Daniel Willis

FutureNatural edited by Robertson, Mash, Tickner, Bird, Curtis, and Putnam

Robert Riley

Sidewalk Critic edited by Robert Wojtowicz

Robert Campbell

The Favored Circle by Garry Stevens

Magali Sarfatti Larson

Towards a New Museum by Victoria Newhouse

James Cuno