No. 11, Summer 2000 Design and Class

Design and Class

No. 11

Summer 2000

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How do architecture and design work as markers of class? How have the socioeconomic and demographic character of patrons and clients for architecture varied over time and place? Is one’s idea of beauty inexorably tied to class? What is there to say about the social status of architects? In what ways do schools of architecture encourage exclusionary taste cultures? The essays that follow explore the complex and delicate relationship between design and class.

Table of Contents


Class Notes

Michael Benedikt

Farewell, Bohemia

Rebecca Solnit

Inside the Blue Whale

Rick Poynor

Always in Good Taste

Penny Sparke

An Education in Distinction

Margaret Crawford

Class Rites in the Age of the Blockbuster

Alan Wallach

Of Books, Lattes, and Class Distinctions

Jim Collins

Ornament and Spirit, Ornament and Class

Frederic J. Schwartz

Some Joint!

Iain Boyd Whyte

The Luxury of Lapidus

Alice T. Friedman

The Other Trump

Edward Eigen

The Social-Climbing Brick

Daniel Willis

Three Houses

Suzannah Lessard

Whimsy and Regimentation

Glenn Dixon


California: The Great Exception by Carey McWilliams

Mitchell Schwarzer

Rethinking Architecture: A Reader in Cultural Theory and The Anaesthetics of Architecture by Neal Leach

Anthony Vidler

Architecture and Modernity by Hilde Heynen

David Leatherbarrow

Autonomy and Ideology edited by Robert E. Somol

Andrew Herscher

The Anaesthetics of Architecture by Neal Leach

Anthony Vidler
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