No. 18, S/S 2003 Building Nature’s Ruin?: Realities, Illusions, and Efficacy of Nature-Sustaining Design

Building Nature’s Ruin?: Realities, Illusions, and Efficacy of Nature-Sustaining Design

No. 18

S/S 2003

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What is relatively certain about human-induced climate change and its present and future effects? To what extent does the making and use of the built environment contribute to climate change, species extinction, and other environmental degradation? What would it take to lessen this degradation, and how much could it be lessened? It is too late to make a significant difference? What role can and should design and planning have in sustaining nature as we have known it? How effective is existing “green design” in architecture and landscape architecture? How can effective green design become the norm in the making of the built environment? Scientists and designers address these and related questions here. 

Table of Contents


Five Reasons: To Adopt Environmental Design

Susannah Hagan

Green World, Gray Heart?: The Promise and the Reality of Landscape Architecture in Sustaining Nature

Robert France

A Post-Apocalyptic View of Ecology and Design: Thirteen Recent Books

Richard Ingersoll

Better Angels of Our Nature: Ecological Design and Organizational Learning

David Orr

Delicate Beast

George Wagner

Energy, Body, Building: Rethinking Sustainable Design Solutions

Michelle Addington

Everything is Architecture

Liane Lefaivre

Invitation to the Dance: Sustainability and the Expanded Realm of Design

Peter Buchanan

Learning from the Bidonville

Zeynep Çelik

Vulnerable Inside The Happy Crowd

Fookling Benita Lee

What Can We Do?

William Clark, Randolph Croxton, Michael McElroy, José A. Gómez-Ibáñez, William Shutkin, Carl Steinitz, Michelle Addington, Robert France, Hashim Sarkis, William S. Saunders


Between Eminence and Notoriety: Four Decades of Radical Urban Planning by Chester Hartman

Ann Forsyth

Surface Architecture by David Leatherbarrow and Mohsen Mostafavi

Daniel Willis

Uncommon Ground: Architecture, Technology, and Topography by David Leatherbarrow

Daniel Willis
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