35: Architecture’s Core? F/W 2012


This and the next two issues of Harvard Design Magazine will focus more specifically on disciplinary themes. It is of course the knowledge of specific single disciplines that defines and fuels transdisciplinary practices. We cannot speak of cross-fertilization between architecture and landscape architecture, for example, unless we under-stand and possess the know-how, creativity, and convent-ions distinct to each of these disciplines.

“Architecture’s Core?” seeks to unfold a range of practices significant in the creation of contemporary architecture. The inventiveness entailed is particularly important at a time when the vast majority of the buildings being constructed across the globe have little to contribute to the discipline. It is not that these buildings have no financial or protective worth, but rather that they do not deepen or broaden our understanding of architecture’s core values.

— Mohsen Mostafavi (excerpted from the introduction)

Table of Contents

Editors' Letter

Matters of Discipline

Mohsen Mostafavi


“Normal” at Last? New German Architecture Off the Therapist’s Couch

Anh-Linh Ngo

“Man is a Fatal Disease of the Animal”: Excerpts from “Architecture Lacan Deleuze”

Andrew Payne

30 St. Mary Axe

Farshid Moussavi

A Balkanized Norwegian Profession, Yet Three Architectural Gems

Jan Olav Jensen

A Letter to Benedetta

Mack Scogin

Architecture as Impact on Living, and a Word on Moving on from Editing HDM

William S. Saunders

Balancing the Cramped with the Communal: Recent Japanese Housing

Ken Tadashi Oshima

Densely Urban, Expansively Rural: Canadian Architectural Character Now

Matthew Soules

Detlef Mertins: Modernity Unbound

Daniela Fabricius

Effable Eloquence: The Casa de Música

Wes Jones

Figure, Phenomenality, and Materiality in the Hinman Studio

K. Michael Hays

Full Circle: Two Recent Outstanding Works in Spain

Luis Fernández-Galiano

Is Digital Culture Secular?: On Books by Mario Carpo and Antoine Picon

Reinhold Martin

Love Is a Strong Verb

Yvonne Farrell

Making Room for Architecture in Slovenia

Petra Čeferin

My Passage to India: A Jain Temple and the Fate of Narrative in Sacred Architecture

James S. Ackerman

No Strings Attached

Penelope Dean

Non-Integrated Integration: Kiyonori Kikutake’s 1964 Hotel Tokoen

Toyo Ito

Powers of Mind: James Stirling at the Clore Gallery

Irénée Scalbert

Redefining the Autonomy of Architecture: The Architectural Project and the Production of Subjectivity

Pier Vittorio Aureli

Siza, True to Siza: The Iberê Camargo Foundation

Rafael Moneo

The Core that Wasn’t

Zeynep Çelik

The End of the Digital

Mario Carpo

The Glories of the Architectural Section

Rafaël Magrou

The Hidden Core of Architecture

Preston Scott Cohen

The New Cosmopolitans: Realigning the Global and the Local

Stan Allen

The Poetics of Origins: Notes on Arendt and Kahn

Jeffrey Lieber

Theory of the Excuse and the Erotics of Material Agency

Alejandro Zaera-Polo

Thinking Small in China

Aric Chen

Toward a Local Modernity in Africa: Diébédo Francis Kéré’s Center for Earth Architecture

Issa Diabaté

Urban Vitality through Inventive Public Places: New Projects in Italy

Stefano Boeri