1: Changing Cities plus the New Urbanism, Gender and Design S/S 1997

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This issue focuses on the changing nature of cities worldwide, a subject of concern for our broad range of readers. Without our having encouraged any one more specific focus, a dominant note has been sounded in our essays: alarm about pernicious urban conditions endured by the poor worldwide.

Table of Contents


A Decent Life: Dilemmas of Urbanization

Mona Ismail Serageldin

A Modest Proposal for a New Sub-Urbanism

Colin Rowe

A Prospect of St. Louis

Richard M. Sommer

Cities after the End of Cities

Robert Fishman

Cities of Impossibility

Michael Kirkland

Empowerment in Abidjan

Francois Vigier, Mona Ismail Serageldin

Modern and Asian

Peter G. Rowe

Modern and Islamic

Mina Marefat

One Space, Two Worlds

Rahul Mehrotra

Skid Row, Los Angeles

Camilo José Vergara

The Architecture, the Book, and the Diskette

Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani

The Revanchist City

Neil Smith

The Transfrontier Metropolis

Lawrence A. Herzog

Urban or Suburban?

Alex Krieger, Andrés Duany, Carol Burns, Daniel Solomon, Edward Robbins, Ellen Dunham-Jones, Gerald E. Frug, Gretchen Schneider, Gwendolyn Wright, Jerold S. Kayden, John O. Norquist, Robert Campbell, William Morrish


Architecture and Feminism edited by Debra Coleman, Elizabeth Danze, and Carol Henderson

Diane Ghirardo

Architecture: In Fashion edited by Deborah Fausch, Paulette Singley, Rodolphe El-Khoury, and Zvi Efrat

Lauren Kogod

Discrimination by Design by Leslie Kanes Weisman

Grahame Shane

Feminism and Geography by Gillian Rose

Linda Pollack

Not At Home edited by Chris Reed

Joan Ockman

Safe Cities edited by Gerda R. Wekerle and Carolyn Whitzman

Grahame Shane

Space, Place and Gender by Doreen Massey

Diane Ghirardo

STUD edited by Joel Sanders

George Wagner

The Architect: Reconstructing Her Practice edited by Francesca Hughes

Susana Torre

The Sex of Architecture edited by Diana Agrest, Patricia Conway, and Leslie Kanes Weisman

Sharon Harr

Women and Planning by Clara Greed

Grahame Shane