20: Stocktaking 2004: Nine Questions about the Present and Future of Design S/S 2004

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This issue of Harvard Design Magazine focuses on the present moment in design, where many forty-something architects are impatient to have real progressive effects on the world bust are also well aware of how difficult that is and how one must comprise and collaborate with the powers that be to achieve any improvements. It is about an odd merging of realism with utopianism, about practices that are trying to bite off large chunks of reality to work with, that are eager to collaborate with all sorts of other professionals and generalists (the public, politicians, other design professionals, developers, government, corporations, etc.), even eager to contaminate their professional purity and authorship with the input of these others. Their work is adaptable and incremental in order to be effective.

Table of Contents


Duct Tape Nation: Land Use, the Fear Factor, and the New Unilateralism

Andrew Ross

Perriand: Reflections on Feminism and Modern Architecture

Mary McLeod

Incarnate Sensualities: The Architecture of Alvaro Siza

Rafael Moneo

Memories of Modernism: Archeology of the Future

Andreas Huyssen

Neocreationism and the Illusion of Ecological Restoration

Peter Del Tredici

Phyllis Lambert, Advocacy Planner in the Late 1960s

Liane Lefaivre

Stocktaking 2004: Nine Questions About the Present and Future of Design

Andrés Duany, Peter Davey, Hal Foster, Zaha Hadid, Patrik Schumacher, Paul Shepheard, Stan Allen, Michael Sorkin, Martha Schwartz, David Leatherbarrow, Kenneth Frampton

Through Glass, Darkly: Recent Glass Architecture in Japan

Joan Ockman, Erieta Attali


Building Suburbia: Green Fields and Urban Growth, 1820–2000 by Dolores Hayden

Brian Ladd

Crime and Ornament: The Arts and Popular Culture in the Shadow of Adolf Loos edited by Bernie Miller and Melony Ward

Barry Bergdoll

Otto Wagner, Adolf Loos, and the Road to Modern Architecture by Werner Oechslin

Barry Bergdoll

The Order of Ornament, The Structure of Style: Theoretical Foundations of Modern Art and Architecture by Debra Schafter

Barry Bergdoll

The Organizational Complex: Architecture, Media, and Corporate Space by Reinhold Martin

Ashley Schafer