4: Popular Places, plus Books on Cities and Urbanism S/S 1998


For this issue we solicited explorations of popular places, places where lots of people, in groups or alone, want to be—amusement parks, museums, famous historic districts, beaches, fashionable stores, etc. We set this agenda to respond to the fact that the quotidian environment is central in our experiences, to diversify our subject matter, and to have some fun. We asked authors to ponder what makes such places popular and what designers might learn from them.

Table of Contents


Beyond Wilderness and Lawn

Michael Pollan

Chamber of Humors

Ralph Rugoff

Dialectical Utopias

Dave Hickey

Diana’s London

Mark Cousins

Fear of Mice

Andreas Huyssen

Invisible Spaces

Mabel O. Wilson

Learning from Commercial Vernacular Architecture

Robert Venturi

Locally Popular

John Stilgoe

Manifest Density

George Wagner

No (Popular) Place Like Home

Jim Collins

Off-World in the Far West

Mitchell Schwarzer

Small World

Martin Parr

Status Quo Vadis?

Michael Sorkin

Television Modernism

Brett Steele

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Marshall Berman

The Right of the People Peaceably to Assemble in Unusual Clothing

Rebecca Solnit

Trespassing on Common Ground

Lucy R. Lippard


Cyber Cities by M. Christine Boyer, The Urban Image of Augustan Rome by M. Diane Favro, Urban World/Global City by David Clark

Thomas Bender

Evictions by Rosalyn Deutsche

Elizabeth Wilson

Postmodern Cities and Spaces edited by Katherine Gibson and Sophie Watson

Margaret Crawford

Public Space edited by Johan Goossens, Anja Guinée, and Wiebe Oosterhoff

Ed Taverne

The City: Los Angeles and Urban Theory at the End of the 20th Century edited by Allen J. Scott and Edward W. Soja

John Kaliski

Urban Verbs by Kevin R. McNamara

Richard M. Sommer

Writings on Cities by Henri Lefebvre translated and edited by Eleonore Kofman and Elizabeth Lebas

Margaret Crawford